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8 Facts About Retinol Creams

1. They Have Rejuvenating Qualities Retinol cream are almost unmatched in their ability to rejuvenate skin that’s been damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet light. The retinol stimulates the body to shed dead, dry skin cells, and produce new, healthy ones and move them to the surface of the skin quickly. This helps smooth out wrinkles, clear acne and correct other problems with the skin such as uneven pigmentation. 2. They Should Be Yellowish In Appearance Retinol is bright yellow in color, so any good retinol cream will be some shade of yellow, or what many describe as a “tinted yellow”. If your retinol cream is white in color, that usually means it lacks enough retinol to actually improve your skin, either because...

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Natural Retinol: Bakuchiol and Other Natural Sources for Retinol Alternatives

With all the chemicals found in everything from the food we eat, to the household products we use, to the skin care products we put on our bodies, it’s no surprise that so many people are seeking healthier options these days.   Here at Whish, we’re committed to enabling people to make intelligent choices for their skin, which is why we are so proud of our anti-aging products that harness the power of Bakuchiol, a 100% edible natural retinol alternative and other natural and organic retinol-like ingredients that help turn back the clock on the aging process.  If you know anything about skin care, then you’ve probably heard of retinol—a derivative of vitamin A. There are several types of retinoids available on today’s market, ranging...

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What is Retinol?

Those in the beauty biz (think dermatologists, editors, vloggers) have been raving about retinol for years. Scratch that, decades! But let’s be honest, sometimes all the jargon can be a little bit over our heads. We’ve sorted through the facts and the stats and have translated all the industry lingo so that your skincare regime can start reaping the benefits of this wonder ingredient. You can thank us later!     It may hide behind a scary, science-y name but to put it simply, retinol is a form of Vitamin A. Not so scary now, right? Retinol is an ingredient that is used in skincare products (serums, creams) because of its super power ability to speed up skin cell renewal and...

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